WORLD RECORD - Longest Domino Line EVER!

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2017-04-08 17:00:25 Category: Entertainment מאת:
We broke the World Record for longest domino line with 15,524 dominoes!! This took 2 days to build and a little over 5 minutes to fall. Thanks to berlagawesome & ShanesDominoez for helping me build it! Click to share on Facebook if you thought it was mesmerizing to watch :) ► Click to tweet ► Thanks to these guys for helping with the build - go subscribe! Berlagawesome: ShanesDominoez: The previous record was 12,610 dominoes achieved by 101gabed: Camera gear & dominoes used: (affiliate link) WATCH MORE DOMINO VIDEOS HERE! 😊 ●YOUTUBERS in dominoes ➡️ ●My BEST domino projects ➡️ ●Video games/movies in dominoes ➡️ Hey! I'm Hevesh5 and I am a professional Domino Artist. I design and build intricate domino setups and chain reactions for your entertainment and for commercial projects. Be sure to subscribe if you want to see more domino videos :) I upload new videos every SATURDAY at 1pm EST! FOLLOW ME HERE FOR MORE DOMINOES 😉 Instagram ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Hevesh5 Extras ► BehindThe5 (my personal channel) ► Official Website ► H5 shirts, signed dominoes, posters, & more! ► Business inquiries ► Hevesh5(at) Music: "Aware" by Kontinuum provided by NoCopyrightSounds: SoundCloud Facebook Twitter