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Developer Update | Upcoming Season 6 Changes | Overwatch

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2017-08-23 00:01:22 Category: Gaming מאת:
Game director Jeff Kaplan details some of the changes coming to Season 6 of Competitive Play later this month. 0:32 - Seasons will now be two months long vs. three months 1:50 - Competitive Points are also being adjusted to account for the shorter season 2:28 - Skill Rating decay changes are coming and will be less punitive 3:35 - Control maps will now be best of three vs. best of five 5:06 - Placement matches should now lead to more accurate skill ratings 6:31 - Higher tiered matches should now be more balanced, but queue times might be longer 8:14 - We'll always be working to improve Competitive Play, it's an ongoing process 9:01 - Your feedback is incredibly important and we look forward to hearing what you think Begin Your Watch: Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: