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Killer Clown 3 - The Uncle! Scare Prank!

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Get clowns costumes/masks here: DM PRANKS: Check out more pranks and social experiments: The psycho killer clown is back and this time his uncle's here to join the party! Click Here To Subscribe! *****MORE INFO IN THE DESCRIPTION***** - The Guys from the stream roller scene called the police and the cops seized one of my cameras, containing one of the best reactions, I've ever had from the clown pranks. Once I get it back, I will post the scene directly on Facebook: - The guy, who jumped into the water also called the cops and we nearly had our entire crew arrested. Luckily, the cops were cool and we got lucky. - The reveals and deleted scenes will be posted on my Facebok page in the following days or I'll put up an annotation at the end of the video, linking to an Youtube video, containing everything. - I took as about 5 weeks to produce this video. - Getting the right victims was by far the hardest part, we've spent a ridiculous amount of time, cooperating over radio stations, choosing and waiting for the right victims. - If someone's face is blurred out, that's because he/she didn't sign our release form and the police was called several times too. *** The chainsaw had its chain removed *** *Killer Clown Scare Prank Series* PART 1: PART 2: Connect with me! Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram More terror pranks: FLAMETHROWER: ZOMBIE MURDER: DEVIL'S DAUGHTER: TELEKINETIC PRIEST: *** DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME OR ANYWHERE FOR THAT MATTER ***