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Bubz does Gwiyomi

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2013-04-11 12:39:10 Category: Howto & Style מאת:
Tim showed me all these Gwiyomi videos yesterday and I was like "What is this?? Is this the new Harlem Shake?" My first thoughts watching the videos was "Aww" but the poses almost made me feel a bit shivery. He told me I should make one but I was like "NOOO! I can barely stand watching through these. People are totally gonna laugh". But then a lot of you guys requested this and Tim also promised if I do one,... he's gonna do one too! So here I am in this video acting all cutesy to make your eyes bleed. I totally cringed doing this LOL. I have to admit, Tim's version is MILES better than mine. I actually think it's the best gwiyomi version out there. I still don't really know what gwiyomi is. I think I did the original version? I have no idea. No I'm not Korean. I'm not trying to be Korean either. I'm 100% proud to be chinese. I just really really really want to see Tim do this dance. My life is now complete. Ps. This song is gonna be stuck in your head all day. You're welcome. Much love, Bubz & Tim xx