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Justin Trudeau Gets IGNORED By Trump at The G20 Summit (What He SHOULD Have Done)

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Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau had a hard time finding someone to talk to him when he walked into a meeting at the G20 Summit a few days ago. He was slightly ignored. In this video I'm going to point out what he did well and what he could have done better in this challenging situation. - Bring POWER To Your Voice! Download Your Free Tonality Checklist Here: - Click here to become SOCIALLY INVINCIBLE! - Have you had that experience where you enter a social situation in which a number of persons are already inside, paired up or in groups, conversing with one another? This could occur at a Happy Hour, a networking event, or even a formal business meeting. We clearly feel pressure in these circumstances to interject ourselves into the gathering by initiating a conversation with one or more people. But, this can be a challenging task when everybody seems to be locked in discussion with another by the time you arrive on the scene. In the attached video, Life Skill Coach Barron Cruz presents effective tools which can alleviate that "left out" perception we all face when entering an active social event which is "in progress," and comfortably move ourselves into the center of the discussion. He uses the recent meeting of the "G-20" World Leaders as a timely and relevant example of this concept at work: --First, avoid interrupting a pair or group of people who are visiting in close proximity to each other, squared up to each other with their shoulders, and in eye contact. Barging in to such a dialogue will be deemed as rude, and label you as an undesirable conversation partner. --Try to make eye contact with another, and then acknowledge them with a smile, nod of the head, slight wave, or even mouthing a "hello." You can then move to their immediate area to begin visiting. --As soon as possible, square up your shoulders to match the other person, and maintain eye contact as you start engaging in a chat. --You don't have to pick the most important person in the room to talk with. Just anyone who is not tightly engaged in a discussion with another, and appears open to your overture is fine. It clearly does not have to be someone you know, and the topic of conversation at this point is irrelevant. Many time it is really more relaxed and pleasant to make trivial small talk when starting up a dialogue. We always look and feel more confident, comfortable and "part of the action" when we are engaged with others, especially in situations specifically set up for us to be social and to interact. To equip yourself to navigate successfully in these frequently encountered functions, just click above to watch the video! *** More from Charisma Matrix: *** Instagram: The Mature Men's Dating Program: Social Invincibility Program: The Charisma Matrix Webpage: Google+: Facebook: