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What can you do with an old phone

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2018-01-26 05:50:27 Category: Science & Technology מאת:
please subscribe like and share How to make Wireless Rechargeable Mous:ehttps://goo.gl/G1DJ1M Diy Portable soldering iron : https://goo.gl/rcfpjr Diy make relay with protection : https://goo.gl/TWgV82 Control your home with your Smartphone : https://goo.gl/qBKFZB Diy Overhead Camera Mount : https://goo.gl/Mxy4EM FaceBook : https://goo.gl/UWw3m5 instagram : https://goo.gl/KkEDDJ Turn your old phone into an security alarm When the door opens you get a call to your phone You can make a security device with an old phone and microrupteur you have to set the phone on speed call first solder 2 wire on the key you set solder microrupteur you can get the microrupteur from microwave or in electric store The copper wire is taken from an old transformer. it is coated with insulating material and does not take a lot of space .