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Big Spider Attack In The City - Remote Control - 4K (Full Effect)

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2014-11-18 20:57:48 Category: Comedy מאת:
Big RC Spider Attack In The City 4K - We Attack People in the city with this Huge Remote Controlled spider, one of the many pranks we are making for this series of pranks on YouTube. Similar to spider dog prank but this Spider prank was done in broad daylight in a city urban area, Reality Pranks, scary spider prank episode2, this scary spider prank was done as the second episode of reality pranks series, the worlds first 4k hidden camera show. Reality Pranks -Scary Giant Spider Pranks -Worlds First 4k Resolution Prank Show Ultra HD. First 4K UHD Hidden Camera Show Hosted right here on YouTube. Why YouTube You ask, well because only YouTube and Netflix are streaming 4K Programming right now, That's why the first 4K UHD hidden camera show is on YouTube first. Reality Pranks in 4k UHD. Are you in Chicago or Miami ? if so set someone up: Submit an Idea Here: Subtitled in : Chinese Czech French English Hindi Indonisian Japanese Spanish Portuguese Polish Russian Vine: Reality Pranks Watch in Ultra High Definition 4K video if you can. The use of tablas and dohl in this video is dedicated to my friend Dohlmaster Sherlock, a very talented Musician. If you were filmed in this episode and were unaware, or you missed the signs posted in the filming area, please message us and we will remove your face if you are unhappy with the way you look. Funny Pranks are always better when seen in 4k video resolution, so if you have a 4k tv then this is the prank show you want to watch. You will be blown away by the incredible realism of Reality Pranks in 4k UHD, we were! Season 1 Starts Nov 1st and a new episode comes out every Friday. we have over 100 new episodes on the way so please SUBSCRIBE to Reality Pranks in 4K Channel, apart from being in 4k resolution all of are pranks are story driven and unique. If you don't already own a 4k tv, prices are coming down, here's some links of places to buy, go get yours now, 4k video is the future. For All Our Friends In BRASIL câmera escondida,brincadeira espetáculo, Silvio Santos. ©Carbon 12 Productions