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We Had To Evacuate Hi5 Studios!

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2017-12-06 19:00:01 Category: People & Blogs מאת:
This was a crazy situation that we never expected! I live relatively close to the office and it took an HOUR to get home cause everyone around was running from the fire! Crazy stuff! Paul seemed a little worried lol. Shook Nasty Tee ➡ Vote On Upcoming Videos and Thumbnails! Vote Now! ➡ If you enjoy these vlogs, consider subscribing for more videos! I like to show the behind the scenes perspective when vlogging around the office. Hopefully, you can get a better sense of the amazing team we have here at Hi5 Studios! Twitter ➡ If you want to watch more than just a vlogger, check out our other family friendly channels at Hi5 Studios below. Matthias ➡ Matt & Amanda ➡ Battle Universe ➡ Get Good ➡ Team Edge Gaming ➡ REKT ➡ Team Edge ➡