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Frozen Elsa Draws on Joker! w/ Minnie Mouse, Venom & Chase

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2016-09-29 03:41:49 Category: Film & Animation מאת:
Frozen Elsa Draws on Joker! w/ Minnie Mouse, Venom & Chase Joker is sunbathing when he hears a strange noise behind him. He looks around and there's suddenly a large ghost in front of him. Joker faints and the ghost reveals itself to be Elsa on Minnie Mouse's shoulders. The friends laugh and proceed to draw on Joker's chest. As Venom is taking a stroll, he spots Elsa and Minnie bothering Joker so he yells at them. The pair of friends giggle as Venom chases them away from Joker. Venom slaps Joker to wake him up and laughs at the heart the girls drew on his chest. Joker and Venom pursue the girls and find them playing catch with a ball. Elsa comes up with the idea to freeze the ground in order to slow them down. Minnie and Elsa get a head start and come up with a plan to trap the villains. Minnie Mouse ties a rope to a pole and hides while Elsa acts as bait. When Joker and Venom finally catch up, they fall for the trap and trip over Minnie's rope. They eventually pull themselves together and prepare to attack their prey. They throw a net over Minnie and Elsa and begin beating them up. Meanwhile, Chase is on patrol and sees this all unfold. He tackles Venom as the villain attempts to escape, knocking him to the ground. Joker watches as his friend is subdued, and laughs at his misfortune. As Joker is occupied with his laughter, Chase knocks him out with a ball. Chase then takes them off to jail as the girls celebrate together. Thanks for watching. Remember to Share, Like & Subscribe for more awesome videos.