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GIANT ANNA Surprise Egg Play-Doh - Disney Frozen Toys Pop Shopkins MLP Lalaloopsy

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GIANT ANNA Surprise Egg Play-Doh - Disney Frozen Toys Funko Pop Shopkins MLP Lalaloopsy Minecraft Mystery Mini Blind Bag Box Dog Tag 101 Dalmatians Hello Kitty Sheriff Callie "Giant Anna Surprise Egg" Special. This is a really big egg unboxing with lots of awesome toys within the egg. The giant egg is a large green egg covered in 100% Play-Doh featuring Anna from Disney Frozen. There are many Play-Doh colors used to make Anna, including pink, purple, black, blonde-brownish orange, teal, white, and light blue to cover the egg. It took me over 5 hours to make this egg. Next to the giant egg is the Frozen Toys from the Olaf and Elsa Giant Egg videos, which includes two Elsa figures, Olaf, Sven, frozen young Anna and a sleigh with Anna Kristoff and Olaf. The toys we got from the egg include: Disney Frozen Mystery Minis by Funko with a young Anna wearing her yellow pajamas, Sheriff Callie Wild West blind bag with Sheriff Callie, Minecraft Mini-Figure series 1 with Steve holding a pickaxe, Frozen photo cards with 6 cards Olaf and friend #39 Elsa and Anna #67 Soldiers firing toward the sky #53 Hans Marshmallow #103 Olaf and Elsa foil glittering fireworks #74 Anna and Elsa family with their parents and a troll #9 Elsa and Hans #62, My Little Pony blind bag wave #12 with Lily Blossom, Frozen Dog Tag with Anna sticker and a foil Olaf and Sven dog tag, Anna Funko Pop #81 with a big head, Frozen pink interchangeable bracelet Elsa and Anna, 101 Dalmatian McDonald's Happy Meal with a dog and a snake vehicle, Hello Kitty minifigure series 1 with a Hello Kitty in a band playing a flute, Shopkins season 2 5-pack with Prommy Ice-Cream Dream Corny Cob Leafy toilet paper and a mystery bag with Pecanna Pie, and a Lalaloopsy Tinies with a pink owl wearing an orange bow. Surprise Eggs in Other Languages: yumurta sorpresa itlog ovos surpresa 惊喜蛋 驚喜蛋 Surprise Eieren Huevos Sorpresa 驚きの卵 Uova Sorpresa 깜짝 계란 Oeufs Surprise Admiratio Ova البيض مفاجأة ポケモン 宠物小精灵 покемон ouă surpriza ไข่ ประหลาดใจ Überraschungseier sürpriz Trứng Bất Ngờ You might also like my other videos: Giant Elsa Surprise Egg Made of Play-Doh Giant Play-Doh Olaf Surprise Egg Giant Surprise Egg Playlist Giant Twilight Sparkle Play-Doh Egg Princess Ariel Giant Play-Doh Surprise Egg GIANT BAYMAX Play-Doh Surprise Egg GIANT CINDERELLA Surprise Egg Play Doh 26 Play-Doh Animal Surprise Eggs ABC Surprise Eggs from A-Z Playlist The Letter A with 6 ABC Surprise Eggs Learn Colors with Jumbo Surprise Eggs Playlist Hope you enjoy the video. Please like & subscribe.