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Destiny HOW TO HIT 400 LIGHT SOLO! (Destiny Rise of Iron Max Light Level)

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2016-10-27 16:30:00 Category: Gaming מאת:
Destiny Rise of Iron How to hit 400 Light Level solo. In this video you will learn all methods to hit light level 400 solo. It is a grind but you can hit 400 without setting foot in the raid, playing Trials of Osiris or even Nightfalls. Good luck! ►FESTIVAL OF THE LOST KICK OFF! OPENING TREASURES! ►MASSIVE 400 LIGHT LOOT DROPS! ►MY OVERSIZED FATEBRINGER! ►BEST LEGENDARY PULSE RIFLE IN RISE OF IRON FOR PVE! ►MASSIVE PACKAGE & ENGRAM OPENING (400 GRINDING) ►400 LIGHT LEVEL! ►RISE OF IRON REVIEW WITH DATTO DOES DESTINY! Reddit List of Strike Specific Loot: ►Subscribe: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: ►KontrolFreek's 10% Off w/ Promo "MesaArmy" ►Stream: ►MesaArmy T Shirts! ►Teeblox Promo Code "MesaArmy" for 15% off at ►Join my PS4 Destiny FaceBook Group! Music with permission: (Kindly do not flag me again) CDK-Snaps Creative Commons attribution license with permission from creator. Destiny HIT 400 LIGHT SOLO! (All methods to hit 400 light without Raidings, Trials, Nightfalls etc.)