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Kitchen Sink (written by Twenty One Pilots)

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2016-05-19 23:41:21 Category: Music מאת:
I like to do covers of songs that mean a lot to me. Songs that have either comforted me, made me think, connected me to other people, or anything in between. This would definitely be one of the songs that made me think and that made me feel. It's a very emotional song. I like that. Hope you enjoy. Lemme know if you do. Chords: Intro/verses- C, F, Am, G Chorus- F, G, F, G, F, G, Am, G, C Last lil part where tyler usually screams- F, C, G, Am A better recording of this is now available on all major (and a few minor) music distribution platforms, so no need to illegally download it anymore :) Shout out to Jesus for existing.