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First Burn // Hamilton Animatic

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2018-05-04 14:58:53 Category: Film & Animation מאת:
i- omg i got so lazy by the end, this is the worst first burn animatic out there djjssnienjdrjej but hope u enjoyed All credits goes to Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Hamilton cast Like my content? Please consider buying me a coffee! some notes: - ive actually been wanting to do a Burn animatic for a long ass time now but because of the copyright thing, i never got around to doing it jzsndmkdmr!! but!! First Burn came out and i was like (Cordelia voice) yaaaaaaaay - i wanted to do something with the pouch necklace but i cant keep it consistent so i just forgot about it in the end lmaooo sorry - this was just made for fun, so i got awfully lazy with it hhahhah dont kill me - Rachelle Ann Go is 👌👌👌👌👌👌 - i love Eliza sm fight me - iM SO SORRY FOR INCONSISTENCIES BDJDJDNDFUR - im really lazy this is the worst first burn animatic - hey, got this far?? congrats! here's a free hug 💙