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fake you out | twenty øne piløts (LYRICS) (stay alive ||-//)

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2016-08-27 22:54:04 Category: Music מאת:
Update, 3/17/2017: You don't know how much I appreciate your support and I am really thankful this song has helped a lot of people. I know I didn't make the song (yeah, that's obvious lol), but I'm really am glad that I uploaded it last year and I can't believe it has gotten the recognition it has received. Josh and Tyler deserve it! They all do and everyone who has clicked on this video and that still continues to click on this video, I really hope you stay alive and don't give up. Recently I've been feeling a lot myself and it's been stressful and times tbh. Where you have people who won't do so much for you in your darkest moments, but will do so much for you in your best. They don't deserve a spot in your life if they can't be with you in both bad and good times in your life. People who say they care sometimes contradict what they say and it becomes a lie. But don't let people get to you. In guilty of letting people get to me personally and it hurts to be honest to be very clear. It hurts really bad. But don't worry, I'm here for you. I know how things are in the world. Fake people, fake love, so little help, so little times of good things with people who change so fast. Its like it was all dream, but it isn't. And your dreams can become something as well. Don't let ANYONE stop you from doing what you can do! I believe in you. I really do. And I'm not just spewing crap out to just say it, to say it. I mean it with every inch of my heart that still keeps me alive to this day to type this. "Stay alive. Not just today, but tomorrow too." -Tyler Joseph Update, 10/27/2016: Thanks for all the views that I received on this video. And no, I am not making money off of this. I'm just posting it cause I loved this song of TØP. It helped me a lot, and i hope it can help you as well. But thanks for all the nice comments and stuff. Its really appreciated. And whatever you're going through. Whether it's depression, suicide, anxiety, bullying or whatever, I know how u feel. It'll be okay. Try thinking positive as u can. There are people there for you, always. You're not alone. You'll make it. I promise. #twentyonepilots #stayalive fake you out - twenty one pilots - lyrics I do not own the music in the video. Enjoy. Note: (This was just for the people who were hating on it for no reason) PS: I had made this lyric video because the other lyric videos were gone and I had no idea what could've happened to them. So I decided to make this of my own. And people who are complaining about the font of comic sans I used in this video or any other, I honestly don't care. You can fuck off. (I was talking about the haters. ONLY with this.) my google plus: my twitter: my instagram: