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Destiny - NEW Guardian Class! (LEGENDARY COMMENTS)

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Destiny - NEW Guardian Class! (LEGENDARY COMMENTS) Guardians choose to play as one of three different classes. Though each player class in Destiny has a distinct appearance, dress, and skill set, player classes are designed to be balanced, with no class intended to be clearly better overall than any other. A player may choose to be any class, regardless of species, but each class can only access certain armor, subclasses, and abilities. Weapons are not typically class-restricted; any class can use most weapons. An example of these exceptions are Ace of Spades, Tlaloc, and Fabian Strategy. Destiny Guardian Subclasses destiny guardian classes, destiny guardian class guide, destiny guardian classes grimoire cards, destiny guardian class comparison, destiny best guardian class, destiny new guardian class, destiny guardian third class, destiny which guardian class are you, Twitter: Channel: Source: None