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top Fire Truck Rescue Vehicle and burning of cars

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At the present stage fire fighting equipment is striking in its diversity – pumps, ladders and lifts , trucks, car gas and smoke protective service pump hose cars, special extinguishing different design and layout. To reduce the cost of production uses a modular layout system, ie on the same chassis equipped with various bodies. One of the main machines of the fire are the pumps and tanker trucks. They have everything you need for Autonomous fire fighting. The tank is a water tank, foam tank. When you need more water, use the pump, which can pump water from a fireman hydrants or ponds. At the present time in connection with the urbanization trends, and the rise of the rise of urban infrastructure, are becoming increasingly relevant a retractable ladder. There are instances of stairs, able to climb to a height of 110 m for this ladder is available up 40 floors. However, these unique staircases are rare, in this regard, fire safety of high-rise buildings is quite complex and problematic task.