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His Angels - Warhammer 40K Short

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2016-11-08 22:10:30 Category: Film & Animation מאת:
FAQ: 1. What did you use to make this? This was done using Source Engine and it took two months to make. I scrounged up or otherwise ported and tweaked DoW assets for this one, and I take no credit for the models themselves. Some of the models here were made by joazzz2 ( 2. Why are the Blood Ravens' shoulderpads the wrong color, and why do the Tau have such strong recoil, and why isn't the guardsman praying with the Aquila handsign, and what's up with the lasgun's rate of fire? All of these are oversights on my part, so that's my bad. 3. "His Angels"? But those are Blood Ravens, not the Blood Angels! The term refers to the Space Marines sometimes being called 'The Angels Of Death', and is not meant to refer to the Blood Angels. 4. What songs did you use? It's all a single song, and I composed it myself, for this specifically. You can grab it here: ====== This video is unofficial and in no shape or form endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Warhammer 40,000 franchise belongs to Games Workshop, and I am in no way or form affiliated.