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Gorgeous dancer suffers HUGE wardrobe malfunction for entire duration of stage performance

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2017-04-05 08:50:37 Category: Film & Animation מאת:
A far cry from the largely dull and uneventful proceedings that spring to mind when thinking of the British equivalent, this Colombian motor show features a catwalk populated with semi-naked women. Parading up and down the walkway, they perform a series of exotic dance routines designed to get viewers pulses racing – and, according to the video’s description, it’s all in the hope of selling more car stereo systems. The evening takes an exceptionally raunchy turn, however, when one of the dancers, dressed in a revealing green dress, hits the stage for her five minutes of fame Unbeknown to her, she performs the entire choreographed routine with one breast poking out of the side of the material. Incredibly, the busty brunette beauty manages to make it the entire way through the performance without realising, before the short clip cuts out. Thousands have seen the strange clip since it was uploaded to YouTube, as users on social media site Reddit reposted the footage in recent weeks. “What do those girls want?” asked one viewer. “Whatever it is, I’m going.” Another simply read: “My dearest god.”