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Twins Coming Out to Parents Live

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2014-08-11 17:18:21 Category: People & Blogs מאת:
WE REALLY HOPE THIS HELPS A LOT OF PEOPLE STRUGGLING WITH COMING OUT ! KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN ! BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE! LIVING AN AUTHENTIC HONEST LIFE IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN LIVING A LIE TO PLEASE OTHERS! OUR SOCIAL MEDIA Luke's Stuff Instagram: Twitter: Adam's Stuff Instagram: Twitter: Tumblr: Facebook Page : We finally came out to our parents and we filmed it aha! Hope you guys like the video! Check out our previous videos guys! Watch our Q&A with our parents!! See what they had to say. Don't forget to subscribe! End Music: Walk Home - Beginnings Walk Home SoundCloud: Twitter - Facebook -