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Nvidia Fast Sync Better Than G-Sync and V-Sync?

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2016-10-12 17:22:03 Category: Gaming מאת:
With Fast Sync nvidia introduced a new technology that should fix the tearing issue while not decreasing the responsiveness of the game. How well does it work and what are the pros and cons of v-, g-, free- and fast sync? Or should you even used one of these? An input lag analysis in CS:Go will shed some light on these questions. ► Support Battle(Non)Sense: ► G-Sync vs. Free Sync: ➜ Previous video: ➜ Next Video: ► Connect with me: ➜ FB: ➜ twitter: ➜ email: [email protected] ► My Machinima Channel: ➜ ► Outro Music: Many of you asked me whats the name of the song that I use in the outro. Sadly I have to tell you that it is not a "song". It is a custom made music to be used for intros/outros that I bought a while ago.