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Honest Trailers: Titanic

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2012-04-05 18:49:25 Category: Film & Animation מאת:
Become a Screen Junkie! ►► Watch more Honest Trailers ►► James Cameron's blockbuster film TITANIC, is back and longer than ever, this time in 3D!! Starring Leonardo DaVinci and Boobs! #HonestTrailers Thanks Everybody!! More HONEST TRAILERS are coming!! Tell us in the comments below what movie you'd like to see covered next!!! Honest Trailers: Titanic Created & Directed by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner Executive Producer Mitch Rotter Written by Brett Weiner, Andy Signore, Alex Sargeant & Jess Lane Edited by Brett Weiner Voiceover Narration by Gannon Nickell - And check out more Emmy Nominated Honest Trailers: Deadpool (Feat. Deadpool) Game of Thrones Vol. 1 Frozen Harry Potter Breaking Bad The Lord Of The Rings Star Wars Force Awakens Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice