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Craziest High School Rap Battle

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2015-03-28 08:41:48 Category: People & Blogs מאת:
(No One Is Actually Trying To Spit Bars) TJ and Jared V.S. Jesus, Ralph and Special Appearance from the one and only, Pedro! WATCH PEDRO'S EPIC RAP AT 5:24 !!!! Comment WHO WON!!! FOLLOW PEDRO ON INSTAGRAM!!! or @pedrosann_ CHECK OUT TJ's YOUTUBE CHANNEL: School lunch rap battle, you know how it is. More than 50 people just crowding around 5 people spitting fire laying out bars. Most Massive Rap Battle Yet! More Rap Battles Coming Soon!!!! Rap Battle Collage Coming out next Friday!! (All the footage posted up on Instagram is now coming to YOUTUBE full length!!!) About 4 mins long! SUBSCRIBE and if you like this video give it a THUMBS UP and SHARE WITH FRIENDS!!! Instagram: @ @ @ @ @ STAY TUNE for new videos!!!!