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Debbie Doo & Friends! - Let's Star Jump! - Dance Song For Children

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2012-07-23 06:20:13 Category: Education מאת:
A really fun, high energy song written by Debbie Doo, to get children active. Starjumping is such a great way to improve coordination and fitness. This song has a dance attached to it that can be enjoyed by all. Already used by PE teachers in schools, Let's Star Jump is fast becoming a favorite. Have fun with this super jam packed dance collection, sure to get everybody dancing and having fun together. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO DEBBIE DOO! Click the link below, it's super easy and you will never miss a song! Thankyou  FOR MORE FUN SONGS CONNECT WITH DEBBIE DOO Website: Facebook: Twitter: Email: PURCHASE DEBBIE DOO MUSIC Direct: iTunes: PURCHASE DEBBIE DOO BOOKS DEBBIE DOO VIDEO CREDITS LYRICS: LET'S STAR JUMP! WRITTEN BY DEBBIE DOO Let's starjump, let's starjump! x3 To this song. Jump forward, jump back now x3 To this song. And shuffle, shuffle, shuffle your feet, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle your feet... Jump left and jump right now x3 Let's starjump, let's starjump x3 repeat shuffle your feet until end... I really hope you enjoyed my official Star Jump song and thanks for watching.