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"Gaston" Song Disney's Beauty and the Beast Comparison 1991 vs 2017 (Animated vs. Live Action)

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2017-02-28 00:35:55 Category: Travel & Events מאת:
*NEW VIDEO* Paige O'Hara Singing "Belle" song Live from Beauty and the Beast! : My What a Guy That Gaston!! "Gaston" song in this new video clip trailer just released sung by Lefou (Josh Gad) & Gaston (Luke Evans). A side by side comparison with the 2017 live action version Gaston from Beauty and the Beast vs the 1991 animated version. Disney's beauty and the beast comes to theatres March 17th! *DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS!!* ► ◄ ►TOP 10 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST FACTS! ◄