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Top 100 • Best Selling Songs Since 1990

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Thank you for watching this GRUMPY video! If you enjoyed, please make sure you like, comment and subscribe and hit that little bell 🔔, so you never miss another video! Most sold songs (singles) since 1990 to 2015/2016. Includes physical (sold in stores, pysical copies) and digital (sold on iTunes, no physical form) sales. The songs are counted worldwide, meaning not only US or UK markets are involved. Songs released later are placed above songs released earlier that sold roughly the same amount of copies, this is because song released more lately that have sold more copies are technically more "successful" than songs released earlier, as they have achieved that number in a shorter period of time, be it a difference of 1 day or 10 years. ---- best selling singles of all time most sold singles of all time greatest songs of all time best songs of all time top 100 songs of all time most downloaded songs of all time most bought songs of all time most bought singles of all time most downloaded singles of all time best selling singles most sold songs most sold singles best selling songs