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Twenty Øne Piløts Meet and Greet Experience // 9/10/15

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2015-09-12 18:37:10 Category: People & Blogs מאת:
Hey guys!!!!!! So I met Twenty Øne Piløts two days ago at The Sound Garden, Baltimore and IT. WAS. AWESOME. So first off: there were no photos or videos allowed but I "accidentally" had my phone on record when I put it in my pocket😏😏. And the photos of us meeting them was taken by the photographer of the store and was posted on their Facebook SO creds to you guys!!!!!!!! Josh and Tyler also signed my ukulele!!!!!! Anyways, I hope you guys liked my video about me meeting Twenty Øne Piløts, it was AWESOMEEEEE!!!!!! I also met a new friend named Celie (blue hair) IF YOU SEE THIS HEYYYYY I LIKE YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---------- Social Networking: Instagram: @jjroxurSOCKS Twitter: (for YouTube) @jjroxursox (main Twitter) @rjaycb ---------- CREDITS: ALL MUSIC BELONGS TO ITS RIGHTFUL OWNER: TWENTY ONE PILOTS ALL MUSIC USED: -(sped up) Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots -Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots -Holding on to You by Twenty One Pilots -House of Gold by Twenty One Pilots -Ode To Sleep by Twenty One Pilots NONE OF THIS MUSIC BELONGS TO ME: IT BELONGS TO THE BAND TWENTY ONE PILOTS ---------- All of the pictures taken of us (and other people) meeting Twenty One Pilots, were by the photographer of The Sound Garden and posted on their Facebook, so I am not taking any credit to those photos taken, thank you very much. But the rest of the videos and photos were by me and my friends:) ---------- P.S. Tyler Jøseph and/or Jøsh Dun might have had a cold and got me sick because I kissed my ukulele before I went to school yesterday and now I have a cold BUT I consider getting sick/a cold by one of those plane flyers A FLIPPING BLESSING. SO THATS OKAY I PROMISE. I LOVE YOU TYLER AND JOSH!!!!!!! ---------- Swag ya later