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TØP vs. Eminem - "Rap Gods and Pilots" (Mashup)

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2017-01-14 23:58:02 Category: Music מאת:
So for a while I've been wanting to do a mashup with Eminem, but I couldn't find a good match, so I decided to create a rap battle style mashup with a bunch of songs from Twenty One Pilots. Some parts are a little off, but I hope you enjoy anyways. And sorry for the explicit lyrics. I hope they don't bother you too much. Songs used: "Rap God" - Eminem Twenty One Pilots: "Ode to Sleep" "Heavydirtysoul" "Ride" "Fairly Local" "Guns For Hands" If it isn't available for you, or if you would like to download it, here's the link Edit: to everyone telling me I should have used Kitchen Sink, the reason I didn't was because there wasn't a clean sounding vocals only track available at the time I was making this. I would have used it, but it wouldn't have sounded good. Same goes for any other RAB or Self-Titled tracks.