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SLIME THE PERSON IN THE BOX!📦💦 Box Fort Slime Balloon Challenge

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2018-03-04 17:31:51 Category: Entertainment מאת:
❤ Subscribe for upcoming videos here: ❤ More Funny Videos: Gage and Luke play a really fun game called theory not to get slimed game! It's simple, one person hides behind the box for in one of the 3 parts, then the other person gets a blaster to pop the balloons hanging over the hiders head! Then the person with the blaster picks a balloon, pops it, and if he slimes the hider, the he gets a point. But if he misses, then the hider gets a point! The person with the most pions, WINS!! Carl & Jinger Family: Follow us on Instagram for a possible shout out on screen! Gage Instagram - @gage1up Carl and Jinger Instagram - @carl_and_jinger FTC: This video is not sponsored