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SPIDERMAN Fights Crime in Real Life | Parkour, Flips & Kicks

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2013-06-16 23:21:21 Category: Comedy מאת:
Spider-Man Fights Crime whilst doing some Cool Flips and Crazy Stunts along the way. We had a lot of fun being our favourite comic book character in real life and making this cosplay video so I hope you enjoy it :) Please Like, Comment and Subscribe :) FOR BOOKINGS EMAIL- Spiderman Videos- Tutorial by Aaron Gassor (3rd Dan in ITF Taekwondo and Kickboxing) Kicking Tutorials- Stretching Tutorials- Flip & Tricking Tutorials- Parkour & Free Running Tutorials- Also, More Tutorials on my channel so check them out and good luck :) Special Thanks to - Ben Tiley & The Sheep Diaries The songs are all by NoseyUK1 and are all royalty free :) #spiderman #spidermanfight #parkour