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13 Best Foods for the Zombie Apocalypse

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Subscribe to American Eye 6. Top Ramen Often enjoyed by college students or other people on a budget, top ramen certainly makes our list for its nearly unlimited shelf life, its extremely low price and you don’t have to be a 5 star chef to cook it. Top ramen has almost been used as a currency in prison, so it’s easy to imagine how this could be a useful trading item as well. However it is sort of high in sodium and lacks too much nutritional value. However, while most modern day diets encourage low calories, during the apocalypse, they are much more important and luckily, ramen is high in them. Top ramen very versatile and can be eaten in many different ways and can even be cooked in pizza if cheese is available! You just might want to try not to eat it every day if possible. 5. Olive Oil In recent years, we’ve actually began seeing a shortage of this important cooking oil in some countries. It not only the healthiest cooking oil you could possibly use but possibly one of the world’s most nutritious foods. This is due to its high levels of monounsaturated fat, as well as omega 9 fatty acid. A lot of doctors recommend just eating a tablespoon a day. Apart from its health benefits, in case you hunt your own meat or come across some bird eggs, the olive oil will help cook meat and keep things from sticking to your pan! It’s also a great thing to add to pasta and a sealed package can last up to 4 years. And who know, maybe some day used cooking oil can be used to power your prototype vehicle you’re working on! 4. The Twinkie Many urban legends exist about the twinkie and some claim that this product doesn’t contain any actual food, therefore, is not spoilable. Some claim that twinkies have been on storage shelves for years and wait until people make orders for them, making them one of the best apocalyptic foods out there. But is this myth true? According to many sources, the twinkie has a shelf life of only about 25 days since it does contain actual ingredients, like eggs and milk. However this is actually pretty long for a pastry. Twinkies will still appear to be rather edible long after this time but the taste will certainly be diminished.You can still probably test the shelf life on your own to be the judge. It might actually be a good thing to still store theses, then sell them to people who think they’re indestructible. 3. Canned Fruits It’s undebated that canned food has the best shelf life and can taste fresh even after 30 years have gone by and any amateur prepper out there knows this! A large variety of canned foods are out there, ensuring that you can have a balanced diet. It’s encouraged to also stock up on canned fruit, such as pineapple that’s high in vitamin C, since many fruits out there will perish quickly, making a limited supply. There’s also a disease out there called scurvy, that’s caused by a lack of vitamin C, which affected many pirates and sailors when they primarily were eating salted meats. Symptoms of scurvy include, bleeding gums, joint and muscles aches, bleeding gums and rashes. So keep that in mind when stocking up on canned food! 2. Spam You might think, that when it comes to canned meat, they are healthier options out there than spam. You may be right if you’re talking about tuna, but mayonnaise spoils too easily and tuna is just not the same without mayo. Spam is also another mythical food that is ready to survive an apocalypse but should you eat it!? There’s absolutely no doubt that it will won’t spoil most likely within the next 5 years. This canned meat comes from pig shoulder and ham. Another one newer version comes from chicken and pork. It could certainly be a decent option when it comes to getting a dosage of your meat intake if you don’t enjoy hunting 1.Beef Jerky Beef jerky is possibly the best food to have stockpiled for the zombie apocalypse. This dried meat, is extremely low in fat or moisture so it’s virtually impossible for it to become spoiled. You can also consider make your after hunting animals and it’s a good idea stocking up on salt to help you with this.Beef jerky is popular among bodybuilders for its extremely high protein concentration, and you're gonna need all the muscle possible for fighting off the relentless hordes of zombies! It’s also full of zinc and iron to ensure to heal your muscles after countless hours of running, from the undead. Keep in mind you will get scurvy after a long period of time with no vitamin C, so it’ll be hard to remain perfectly health on just beef jerky. Choose the proper foods with help from this list and you will be a survivor.