The RBU-6000 Anti Submarine Rocket Launcher

Pecinta Militer
2018-06-22 03:10:13 קטגוריה: בידור מאת: Pecinta Militer
More info about RBU-6000, Please visit : The RBU-6000 Smerch-2 (Реактивно-Бомбовая Установка, Reaktivno-Bombovaja Ustanovka; reaction engine-bomb installation & Смерч; waterspout) is a 213 mm caliber Soviet anti-submarine weapon rocket launcher. It is similar in principle to the Royal Navy Hedgehog system used during the Second World War. The system entered service in 1960-61 and is fitted to a wide range of Russian surface vessels. It consists of a horseshoe...

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