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Star Wars Force Awakens ALL Easter Eggs & References ( FULL MOVIE )

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2016-02-04 03:36:05 Category: News & Politics מאת:
Star Wars The Force Awakens Easter Eggs and Episode 7 References. Star Wars Full Movie Trivia and Deleted Scenes, Check out the Easter Eggs and References from Star Wars Episode 7. We go through the whole movie recreated with Star Wars trailer moments and behind the scenes clips and some movie magic. Episode 7 Easter Eggs are and references to the other Star Wars trilogies. There’s SO MUCH in this video. We explain Rey’s name, Finn’s origins, Poe’s special abilities, Leia’s deleted plot, Snoke’s inspiration, countless cameos and we ask: is Kylo a good guy? Here are the links to the books and comics that I mention in the video: Lost Stars (story about Battle of Jakku) Aftermath (story about the Ravager Super-Star Destroyer) Shattered Empire (story about Poe’s mom) The Weapon of a Jedi: A Luke Skywalker Adventure (story about Jess Pava and C-3PO’s arm) Phew! That’s a lot of Star Wars. Hope you enjoyed watching the video as Ted and I did making. It was like reliving the movie, which is great, and I can’t wait till it comes out on DVD and I can watch every single frame of it. Oh my  Wollivan I’m so excited. CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE TO NEW ROCKSTARS! CONNECT WITH US! Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Executive Producer: Jeben Berg Website: MORE STAR WARS Star Wars Trailer ALL EASTER EGGS (Force Awakens Trailer ANALYZED) Star Wars International Trailer NEW EASTER EGGS + TV Spot #1 (Japanese Trailer ANALYZED) Host: Fimo (@fimo) Editor: Ted (@tedmarsden)