Butter Slime GIANT SIZE How To! $100 DIY Slime Challenge Recipe

Will It Slime?
2017-02-24 21:00:02 קטגוריה: תחביבים וסגנון מאת: Will It Slime?
Butter Slime GIANT SIZE How To! $100 DIY Butter Slime Challenge Recipe! In this slime tutorial I'll show you how to make a giant size butter slime. This butter slime is so big I needed my s to help! Some people call this clay slime, but either way this slime is huge. All you need for this slime is glue, shaving cream, model magic clay, and liquid starch. This is a slime without borax or detergent. You could borax if you wanted to though. I used about 35 bottles of glue and 16 bags of model...

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