Juan Gabriel - Hasta Que Te Conocí Reaction [Koreans Hoon & Cormie] / Hoontamin

훈타민 Hoontamin
2018-05-25 13:00:04 קטגוריה: בידור מאת: 훈타민 Hoontamin
A music video of the legendary Mexican singer Juan Gabriel's wonderful song and magnificent performance. Hoon and Cormie react to Juan Gabriel - Hasta Que Te Conocí, this music video was recommended by our Hoontamin channel Mexican subscribers. Koreans Hoon and Cormie, music video reaction and simple review. ※ Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, French, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Turkish, Thai, Arabian : 10 languages subtitles are available! For these subtitles, click CC button - square...

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