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Baby Facts: 10 Weird Facts on Babies you didn't know (+ Bonus)

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2018-04-05 17:34:07 Category: Entertainment מאת:
Baby Facts: 11 Things you Didn't Know About Babies (2018). Did this video surprise you? Please add your thoughts in the comments section. Facts about Babies: 1. Newborn babies can’t cry. It seems babies do nothing but cry. They certainly make noise that sounds like crying, however Babies cannot actually shed tears. Their tear ducts and glands are fully functional however they are only able to secrete enough tear fluid to keep the eye surface moistened. So long as the child doesn't have blocked tear ducts you can usually expect visible teardrops to fall with 1 to 3 months. 2. Babies are able to crawl from birth. That moment that a Baby is born and placed on its mother's chest is magical. Scientists in Sweden found that babies are able to instinctively crawl their way to their mother's chest for feeding within 1 hour or being born. This discovery by Swedish Scientist is now known as the ‘Breast Crawl’. Hungry little ones. 3. Babies have three times as many taste buds as adults. Adults have approximately 10,000 taste buds positioned along the surface of their tongue. Newborn babies, on the other hand, have over 30,000 taste buds, and not just on their tongue but on the sides, back and roof of their mouth as well. 4. Babies have more bones than a fully grown adult. You won’t be blamed for assuming that a large fully developed adult would have more bones than a tiny newborn baby. However, babies are in fact born with almost 300 bones. That’s approximately 100 more bones than the 206 bones found in a fully formed adult. So where do these extra bones go? Well, as babies grow their bones fuse together to form single bones, particularly in the spine and skull. 5. Babies don’t have knees. Despite having more bones than an adult, surprisingly, babies don't have kneecaps - at least not in the transitional sense. Unlike the hard bony kneecaps of adults, babies knees are almost completely made up of softer cartilage - that same resilient flexible connective tissue found in your nose, ear and at the ends of your bones. Cartilage is strong enough to support a baby's body but flexible enough to allow for continued growth and development. 6. Newborn babies are born completely colourblind. That’s right. The second a baby opens its eyes for the first time they can only see in Grayscale from black to white. At such a young age their retina and brain nerve cells responsible for vision are not fully developed. It is understood that babies gain full-colour vision around 5 months old. -- Creative Commons LicenseS. 2 Babies Wearing White Headdress White Holding White Plush Toys Adorable Baby Beautiful Bed Free photo: Baby, Swimming, Underwater, Family - Free Image on Adorable Baby Blur Child Toddlers and Educational electronic devices File:Cry-baby.jpg - Wikimedia Commons File:Human-Male-White-Newborn-Baby-Crying.jpg - Wikimedia Baby Child Close Up Crying Twins on a Outdoor Crawl | Donnie Ray Jones | Mother & newborn sleeping | David J Laporte | Woman with 'kidney infection' has baby instead 25+ Best Ideas about Mother Baby Photography on Pinterest Tongue-Tie and Breastfeeding - Breastfeeding Support Adorable Baby Boy Child Free photo: Face, Child, Small, Eat, Baby, Meal - Free Image on Baby Is Shocked! Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Baby Inside White Bathtub With Water Baby Holding Human Finger Person Holding X Ray Film Baby Birth Born Care Love Baby Boys Family KIDS - Mommy Adorable, Baby, Bath, Blanket, Boy Baby In White Onesie File:Gray scale.jpg - Wikimedia Commons File:Slit lamp photograph showing retinal detachment in Von Hippel coughing - DriverLayer Search Something New in Southeast Fertility 9 ways babies are really weird | MNN - Mother Nature Adorable Baby Basket Child Edinburgh baby & child fair: WATERBABIES Baby Swimming – To Submerge Or Not To Submerge Baby Swimming - Baby Boom Stock Photos and Pictures | Getty Images Free Images: person, small, child, blanket, sleep, bed, infant creepy-images-baby-monitors (22) Baby Wearing White And Yellow Shirt Baby S Feet On Brown Wicker Basket Baby Wearing Red Dress Baby Corradino Sticks Out Tounge | paul_houle | like subscribe Gallery