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Make a "Power" Saving Device at Home (According to load)

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2017-08-06 13:38:47 Category: Science & Technology מאת:
Hello friendz i will back with a new video in which i am making "Energy Saving device" Generally we all always worried about our Electric consumption, If our electrically consumption then our electric bill is also increases So in this video i am giving the solutions of How to save Electric Energy Every Condenser Saves Energy according to our need:-⤵ *)CONDENSER2.5MFD/400V FOR 1KW *)CONDENSER3.15MFD/400V FOR 1.5KW *)CONDENSER 4MFD/400V FOR 2KW INDUCTIVE LOAD:-AC,FAN,PUMP MOTOR RESISTIVE LOAD:-BULB,HEATER,GYSER NOTE:-*)Do discharge after Unplug *)Do not use without any LOAD