8 Mobile APPS You Won't Believe Exist

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8 Mobile APPS You Won't Believe Exist Hi everyone, and today we have 8 Weirdest App ever Created. As we Known, The more stupid things is, the more Hype it gains around itself. Smartphones and iPads have proved wildly popular among humans, but how will they fare among those with higher intelligence? Cats basically rule the world. Or at least they’re next in line, as they already run the Internet and Game for Cats is an app for the iPad that plays off of a cat’s natural instinct to chase small things. Since the majority of people aren't fluent in baby talk, Researchers collected 200,000 crying sounds from 100 newborn babies, and developed an app that can decode crying and tell you exactly what your baby's crying means In 2010 Thousands of South Korean men too busy to date found solace in a new piece of technology – an iPhone application that offers lonely souls a virtual girlfriend This clever little app that will offer you the enjoyment of watching your friends react to pictures of their demolished rides The muggy weather is creating a ‘perfect storm’ for mosquitoes to descend on our gardens. But Sonic Repeller Apps - Anti-mosquito emit ultrasonic frequencies designed to frighten the mosquitoes away. Maybe you remember the prank : Someone plays yourself in pretentious game on PC, and after a while a demon with screaming squeals appears on the screen. A Teenager’s worst Nightmare. The game that recreates a timeless chore carried out by teenagers the world over: popping those hideous pimples. And the last and the strangest App you’ve ever seen. Very unusual application, called– Likster, well, here without comments, everything is clear. Thanks to all for watching. Lickster - Cunnilingus Training App {The Kloons} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uDS-SM-65A