We Have Obama's Wiretapping In Common Trump Jokes At Merkel

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President Donald Trump joked during a live speech that he and German Chancellor Angela Merkel "have something in common," referring to reports that the Obama administration listened to Merkel's cellphone and those of many other European leaders also. At a joint press conference today at the White House, Trump was asked by a German reporter about his unfounded claims that Trump Tower was wiretapped during the presidential campaign. Judge Andrew Napolitano, a Fox News contributor, has alleged that British intelligence was tasked with spying on Trump and his team. // trump conference today, trump conference, trump conference full, trump speech 2017, trump speech, trump speech full, trump speech live, trump conference press, obama, obamagate, obama wiretapping, obama wiretap, trump wiretap, trump merkel, merkel, angela merkel, trump wiretapping, trump jokes, trump funny, donald trump, president donald trump, donald trump live //