Intro: GokuComePizza22 (Dual w/ Fluxeh)(60FPS)

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2015-05-30 09:53:29 Category: Gaming מאת:
Hey guys welcome back to another video! Today I make an intro for GokuComePizza22! It did not come out as good as we expected and had a lot of trouble with this one but hopefully you guys enjoy! Fluxeh/Hinrik did the Galaxy background, sky, cc and the first versions of the sky to space transition; while i did the animation sync and the upgraded transitions which happened to be hard to have them look good! Hope you guys enjoy! Fluxeh: GokuComePizza22: ►Store: ►Twitter: ►Skype: zane.noorani ►Back to Channel: ►Twitch: ►IGN: TheEnderHydra ►Music: Ask Hinrik/Fluxeh He picked it.