וידאו על חיפוש - Scientists finally capture weird creature that lives in a tusk hundreds of years

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Five-Foot long Shipworm Revealed : Kuphus Polythalamia : Giant shipworm Unearthed in Philippines The horrifying five-foot long shipworm revealed: Scientists finally capture weird creature that lives in a 'tusk' hundreds of years after it was first described Researchers have discovered a new, giant species species of shipworm that measures up to five feet long. The giant, slimy animal was discovered after it was tapped out of a tusk-like shell. The giant shipworm lives in shallow mud bays in the Philippines and relies on bacteria in its gills to make its food The research, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), found that the animal gets its energy from a form of sulfur in mud. While the existence of the creature's shells has been documented since the 18th century, researchers have never had access to the animal living inside. The animal's habitat was unknown until one of the research collaborators shared a documentary that aired on television in the Philippines showing the worms planted in the mud of a shallow lagoon. Based on this, the researchers went on an expedition and found live specimens of the giant shipworm, whose scientific name is Kuphus polythalamia. When the researchers finally obtained a live Kuphus worm in its case, they watched Dr Daniel Distel, a professor at Northeastern University and the leader of the research, open the case and tap the worm out of it. 'I was awestruck when I first saw the sheer immensity of this bizarre animal,' said Marvin Altamia, a researcher at the marine sciences institute, University of the Philippines. 'Being present for the first encounter of an animal like this is the closest I will ever get to being a 19th century naturalist,' says the study's senior author Dr Margo Haygood, a research professor in medicinal chemistry at the University of Utah College of Pharmacy. Because the animal had never been studied, little was known about its life history, habitat, or biology. 'We suspected the giant shipworm was radically different from other wood-eating shipworms,' said Dr Haygood. Finding the animal confirmed that,' Mr Altamia continued. 'Frankly, I was nervous. 'If we made a mistake, we could lose the opportunity to discover the secrets of this very rare specimen.' The scientists then had to figure out why Kuphus is so unusual. The giant shipworms were found in a lagoon with rotting wood. Arabic: خمسة أقدام "وكشف شيبورم" طويلة: "مخلوق غريب": العملاق شيبورم أونيارثيد في الفلبين Bangla: পাঁচ ফুট লম্বা Shipworm অবতীর্ণ: অদ্ভুত প্রাণী: দৈত্য shipworm ফিলিপাইনের Unearthed Bulgarian: Пет-крак дълго Shipworm разкри: странно създание: гигант shipworm институции в Филипини Chinese Simplified: 五英尺长船蛆透露︰ 怪异生物︰ 巨人船蛆在菲律宾出土 Chinese Traditional: 五英尺長船蛆透露︰ 怪異生物︰ 巨人船蛆在菲律賓出土 Czech: Pět stop dlouhý Shipworm odhalila: divný tvor: Giant shipworm Unearthed v Filipínách Dutch: Vijf-voet lange Paalworm geopenbaard: vreemd schepsel: reus Paalworm Unearthed in Filippijnen Filipino: 5-talampakang haba Shipworm inihayag: kakaiba kinapal: higanteng shipworm Unearthed sa Pilipinas French: Cinq pieds long taret a révélé : créature bizarre : taret géant déterré dans Philippines German: Fünf-Fuß lange Missmanagement offenbart: seltsame Kreatur: Giant Missmanagement Unearthed in Philippinen Greek: Πέντε-πόδι μακρύ Shipworm αποκάλυψε: παράξενο πλάσμα: γίγαντας shipworm έφεραν στο φως στις Φιλιππίνες Hindi: पांच फुट लंबा Shipworm से पता चला: अजीब प्राणी: विशाल shipworm फिलीपींस में Unearthed Indonesian: Lima kaki panjang Shipworm mengungkapkan: makhluk aneh: shipworm raksasa Unearthed di Filipina Italian: Cinque-piede lungo teredini rivelato: strana creatura: teredini gigante Unearthed in Filippine Japanese: 5 フィート長いフナクイムシが明らかに: 奇妙な生き物: 巨大なフナクイムシ フィリピンで発掘しました。 Persian: پنج پا بلند Shipworm نشان داد: موجودی عجیب و غریب: shipworm غول Unearthed در فیلیپین Portuguese: Cinco-pé longo Teredo navalis revelou: criatura estranha: gigante Teredo navalis Unearthed em Filipinas Romanian: Cinci-picior lung Shipworm Revealed: ciudat creatura: Giant shipworm Unearthed în Filipine Russian: Пять футов длиной корабельные черви показали: странное существо: гигант корабельные черви Unearthed в Филиппины Spanish: Cinco pies largo broma reveló: extraña criatura: broma de gigantes desenterrados en Filipinas Swedish: Fem fot lång skeppsmasken avslöjade: konstig varelse: jätte skeppsmasken Unearthed i Filippinerna Turkish: Beş metrelik uzun Shipworm ortaya koydu: garip yaratık: dev shipworm Unearthed Filipinler Ukrainian: П'ять футів тривалий Shipworm показав: дивні істоти: гігант shipworm Unearthed в Філіппіни Urdu: شاپارم پانچ فٹ طویل نازل: عجیب مخلوق: وشال شاپارم فلپائن میں انیارٹہ Vietnamese: 5-chân dài Shipworm tiết lộ: sinh vật kỳ lạ: Giant shipworm Unearthed ở Việt Nam Music: http://www.bensound.com