Heromice hack (one hack=jump+speed) and srry my f*cking lagg...

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2013-05-14 13:20:16 Category: Gaming מאת:
Enjoy our hack!!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------- You need cheat engine 6.2 and google chrome ---------------------------------------------------------------- Steps: 1)Open heromice.com on google chrome 2)Open cheat engine 3)Select process(you need to get over 60 values) 4)Select value type and...(follow on video) 5)Value to 0.2 or 0.20(i use 0.2) 6)First scan( if you have luck :) ) 7)Getted over 60 values? 8)Change theese values to 0.25 (if you want more jump and speed select to 0.27) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Rate and subscribe me :) Comment if you enjoy-ed this hack :)