It Could Be You Next Trey Gowdy Crushes FBI Director James Comey Over Trump Wiretap Leaks

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"It Could Be You Next" Trey Gowdy Crushes FBI Director James Comey Over Trump Wiretap Leaks trey gowdy delivers a monumental crushing of fbi director james comey. trey gowdy like a boss comes out big time on this one, he demands to know if he will assure the american people that the people disseminating classified information will be investigated, comey dodges and ends up embarrassing rogers, trey gowdy demands to know if president trump was wiretapped and if he was who did it was it obama does someone need to do a investigation, he also wants to know about unmasking of individuals, donald trump and his cabinet have been trying to find out whats going on with that and the intelligence community, the democrats in congress are worried about russia and politics but this is news and political news about the latest we know about fbi investigation into this wiretap claim sally yates was brought up and clapper but the nsa wouldnt talk about much, gowdy new clip is coming as soon as he returns to congress jason chaffetz is doing investigation on his own in another congress committee , i hope trey gowdy smashes tons of corrupt individuals , clapper from the national security already said that there was no evidence of russia interference trey gowdy finds out a lot of stuff in this hearing in my personal opinion trey gowdy destroys fbi director comey original air date: 3/28/ 2017