President Donald Trump Holds Press Conference - New Labor Secretary Pick 2/16/17

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President Trump will hold a news conference from the White House today, where he will announce his new pick for Labor Secretary following the withdrawal of his first nominee, Andy Puzder. It is believed that Trump might also this appearance to take questions, or otherwise, address his grievances with the media, the intelligence community, and other officials for leaking and talking about details from within his administration. It has been reported that Alexander Acosta, dean of the Florida International University College of Law, is the pick Trump has in mind. The event is scheduled to begin at 12:30 P.M. EST. Watch Live: President Trump Press Conference at White House (2/16/2017) President Trump holds a news conference at the White House to announce his new nominee to be Labor secretary following Andrew Puzder’s decision to withdraw his nomination. During today’s press conference held to announce his new Labor Secretary nominee, President Donald Trump was immediately asked about recently ousted National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. And, of course, he took the opportunity to slam the media for its reporting on the story. After explaining that he called for Flynn’s resignation due to what he said to Vice President Mike Pence and not over his communication with. t’s no secret that the relationship between Donald Trump and Jim Acosta is contentious. Trump once engaged CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent in a yelling match during a press conference, refusing to allow him to ask a question and, at one point, hissing, “You are fake news!” Today, through what was a very shocking and wide-ranging press conference, Trump kept assuring Acosta he would eventually get to ask a question. When the president finally called on the veteran journalist, Acosta jokingly assured him that neither he nor CNN “hates” him. Trump responded by insulting CNN. “Your ratings aren’t as good as some of the other people that are waiting,” he said. “They’re pretty good right now, actually, Mr. President,” Acosta responded.