Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do PARODY - TEEN CRUSH

The Ohana Adventure
2017-09-09 15:26:39 категория: Развлечения от: The Ohana Adventure
TEEN CRUSH Parody of Taylor Swifts song: Look what you made me do! Subscribe: WATCH BLOOPERS: LYRIC VIDEO: Q&A with the CAST: Choreography: This fun PARODY song about Teen Crushes was fun to make. We made this song to be fun and funny. We are so grateful to be able to work with great people. Jase was amazing and wrote all these funny lyrics, filmed and helped produce this masterpiece! Thank you FRIENDS: The Leroys; Kesley, Shanna, Corey & Family. Working With Lemons: Anson, Mia,...

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