Sean Spicer RIPS CNN's Jim Acosta A Guy Who has ZERO INTELLIGENCE 3/16/17

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Sean Spicer rips CNN's Jim Acosta in an intense back and forth over wiretapping claims and Russia when Sean Spicer Lets Out his True Feelings About Jim Acosta telling him how he has "Serious Conclusions For A Guy Who has ZERO INTELLIGENCE................... clearance" He read from the New York Times and other news outlets, also citing Sean Hannity. CNN’s Jim Acosta picked up on that in particular, remarking with some bewilderment, “You were just quoting Sean Hannity there.” Spicer said he’s “cherry-picking” what he cited, but Acosta shot back that he’s “refusing to answer” the question when it comes to conclusions from intel committees in the House and Senate. They got into a heated back-and-forth as Acosta said it sounds like the White House is changing their story on wiretapping because that specific charge has been debunked. He asked, “What’s it gonna be next?” Spicer dismissed his “cute” question and insisted that Congress “has not bee provided all the information” yet.