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HI GUYS! For today's video I wanted to try out the new Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks and then make a DIY SLIME UNICORN FRAPPUCCINO! Ahh I think this super easy slime diy and tutorial turned out super well and it was so easy to make! Plus, you can make this a no borax slime by substituting the activator. Enjoy! 🍬TWITTER - 🍬 PERSONAL INSTAGRAM - 🍬 SLIME INSTAGRAM - 🍬 SLIME RECIPES + BLOG - 🍬 - itsaxdrea 🍬SECOND CHANNEL - andreaXdaily 🍬PEACHYBBIES CHANNEL - A LIST OF WHAT I'M RESTOCKING THIS WEEK: carnival berries Rubber Ducky Lemon Poundcake Unicorn Frappuccino + More! EXCLUSIVE RESTOCKING VIDEO + STORE INFO: YOUTUBE.COM/PEACHYBBIES + INSTAGRAM.COM/PEACHYBBIES extra tags for video/channel ( ignore! ): diy, tutorial, slime, slime recipe, slime with glue, basic slime recipe, asmr, asmr community, slime poking, asmr slime, vlogmas, holo, holosexual, 100 layers of glitter, 24 hour challenge, fishbowl slime, crunchiest slime, rose, champagne slime, molten metal slime, hot knife vs. , metallic slime, alisha marie, clay slime, butter slime, sorry i don't have time to fix these tags yet, give me a day to make time ik they're not relevant just wanted to get this vid out asap♥