Giant Robot Spider Scares Dogs 4K (Situation X - S2 E1)

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2015-09-20 00:06:44 Category: Comedy מאת:
NEW Giant Robotic Spider Dog Scares cute dogs and funny dogs in 4k, back by popular demand, our robotic remote controlled spider is back. here we take the giant spider and put dogs on the street in a Situation X in the dog park,some got scared and others not like the poodle. we also had a german shepherd attack the spider as well as a Boxer and a Pit Bull, the pit bull was the sweetest out of all of them and even tripped over the robotic spider.we used in a previous episode and we used it to we also scared other pets as well which will be in the behind the scenes footage. enjoy this episode a lot of work went into it, just remember watch in 4k Ultra HD if possible because the youtube platform supports it, so if you have a 4k tv then fire it up and if not buy one, the prices are down. FOR ALL THE ANIMAL RIGHTS PEOPLE WHO WILL THUMBS DOWN THIS VIDEO: No dogs we tormented or harmed in any way in the making of this video, some of these dogs were train actors, others we just initially startled or even at times commanded by the owner to chase or attack the spider, it's called movie making and entertainment, it's not all entirely real. We will post the behind the scenes footage and deleted scenes as well and you can watch those for a much more subtle reaction. THANKS FOR WATCHING !! ALL NEW EPISODE'S FILMED ENTIRELY IN CINE ALTA 4k UHD. Visit our IMDB page: our facebook: Are you in Chicago or Miami ? if so set someone up: Submit an Idea Here: Subtitled in : Chinese Czech French English Hindi Indonisian Japanese Spanish Portuguese Polish Russian Vine: Reality Pranks Watch in Ultra High Definition 4K video if you can. If you were filmed in this episode and were unaware, or you missed the signs posted in the filming area, please message us and we will remove your face if you are unhappy with the way you look. Funny Pranks are always better when seen in 4k video resolution, so if you have a 4k tv then this is the prank show you want to watch. You will be blown away by the incredible realism of Reality Pranks in 4k UHD, we were! Season 1 Starts Nov 1st and a new episode comes out every Friday. we have over 100 new episodes on the way so please SUBSCRIBE to Reality Pranks in 4K Channel, apart from being in 4k resolution all of are pranks are story driven and unique. If you don't already own a 4k tv, prices are coming down, here's some links of places to buy, go get yours now, 4k video is the future. For All Our Friends In BRASIL câmera escondida,brincadeira espetáculo, Silvio Santos. Also check out these other videos and our friends: ©Carbon 12