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KAELIN'S FIRST PEDICURE! In today's video, Kyrah takes me to get my first manicure and pedicure. We also head out to Los Angeles again for work and other cool events! SUBSCRIBE IF YOU'RE NEW: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Channel: Kyrah's Channel: Kaelin's Channel: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Social Media: Kaelin’s Instagram: Kaelin’s Twitter: Kaelin’s SnapChat: Kyrah’s Instagram: Kyrah’s Twitter: Kyrah’s SnapChat: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Send Us Something Special :) P.O BOX: 7850 White Lane E 374 Bakersfield, California 93309 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How To Get In Our Intro: If you want to be featured in the beginning of one of our videos send us a video via email saying, "Hey FAMILY, my name is (your name) and I'm from (where you're from). Let's keep growing together!" to ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ About Us: We're just a young college couple enjoying life together. We do epic pranks and try cool challenges. We also do couples DIY, tell weekly bedtime stories, do science experiments, and more! Some say we're relationship goals, but we're just having fun! This is a family-friendly clean channel. No negativity, cursing, or anything inappropriate. A brief history: We are both 19 (2016), and followers of Christ. We met and dated at age 13 in the 7th grade (2009). Kyrah broke up with me after a long three month relationship, but we rekindled in high school and have been together ever since. We went to every prom and formal together. She was a cheerleader, and I was the tracklete. We were high school sweethearts. We started college together in 2015. We got married in 2017 at the young age of 19 , and are currently traveling the world together. We would like to take you with us. On this channel we believe we aren't meant to do life alone. So, join the family by subscribing. Let's grow together. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Intro song is called "Evolvin'"