HIDE and SEEK!! WINNER GETS $1000!!!

2019-05-23 11:00:09 קטגוריה: בידור מאת: SIS vs BRO
We are playing Hide and Seek inside our house for $1000! Who do you think will win, Karina or Ronald??? SIS vs BRO instagram @ sisvsbro_karina_ronald Karina has a new instagram @ kurzawa_karina Ronald's new instagram @ ronaldkurzawa OUR MERCH: Welcome to SIS vs BRO! This is where Karina and Ronald join forces to challenge each other in countless fun videos! Challenges, gaming, and more!!! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and we will see you in the next video!!! Facebook: #sisvsbro #hideandseek

סרטונים קשורים ∽ HIDE and SEEK!! WINNER GETS $1000!!!