Vlog of Me Picking Up My New Puppy From the Airport

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2014-08-18 00:58:08 Category: Comedy מאת:
Took a life changing trip to the airport yesterday getting my first dog. This is a vlog of life with my new companion. Oh yeah, and I cried like a little sap. Peach 🍑 is on the social things too 🍑 Instagram: http://instagram.com/Iggy_Peach 🍑 Twitter: http://twitter.com/IggyPeach Subscribe to my Channel for New Videos, Vlogs and everything else in my life that I can record and share with you lovely internetters. I also like to include weightlifting/workout footage. For Business Inquiries, email: JulienFightingSolo@gmail.com Follow me on: Twitter: http://twitter.com/JulienSolomita Instagram: http://instagram.com/JulienSolomita Facebook: http://facebook.com/FightingSolo Podcast Channel: http://youtube.com/JennaJulienPodcast Podcast: http://soundcloud.com/jennajulienpodcast