TOP 5 YOUTUBERS WHO ALMOST DIED ON CAMERA! (RomanAtwood, Casey Neistat, BFvsGF, ComedyShortsGamer)

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TOP 5 YOUTUBERS THAT ALMOST DIED ON CAMERA! Subscribe And Never Miss A Future Upload: 💰Free Gift Cards And Money Download AppBounty: Top 5 youtubers who almost died! 1. Roman Atwood almost killed by carbon monoxide poisoning aged 16 20% chance of survival! 2. BFvsGF Jeana was almost hit and killed by a tram! (Vlog "She almost Died") 3. Casey Niestat almost died attempting to climb one of the biggest mountains in the world! 4. Comedy Shorts Gamer almost killed almost died in a car accident in his audi! 5. Alan Sinclair suicide video where he was almost shot by a man with a gun! Check out previous videos below!